Our KidZania Experience

pic 1Kai everyone!

A fantastic opportunity was given to all homeschoolers of the PH group and be part of the KidZania special preview during these dates, August 4, 5, & 6. Thank God for the chance and we were able to attend the first day.

My 7 year old, 2nd grader learned the Z language (as he calls it), the value of learning first to get rewards (higher salary) (education is an investment), he loved the CEU University courses (coming from an auditory/visual learner), value of earning and saving (work hard first), total independence (coz he has to be on his own during the activities), etc. etc.

take home stuff (65 kidZos for our comeback!)

take home stuff

What is KidZania?

KidZania is an interactive kid-sized city combining fun and learning through exciting role-play guided activities for children aged 4-14 years.

KidZania was first introduced in Santa Fe, Mexico in 1999 and was created and developed by Mexican entrepreneur Xavier López Ancona, the Founder and CEO of KidZania.

KidZania currently has 20 facilities in 17 cities around the world, including KidZania Manila.

(some) KidZania Terms and Language (terms my son heard and learned)

Kai – A KidZania greeting; used instead of local language’s version of “hello.”

KidZania – The name of nation established by kids; means “Land of Cool Kids.”

KidZos – Name of the paper currency in circulation at KidZania.

Z-U – A KidZania greeting; Used instead of local language’s version of “good-bye” or “see you later.”

Vicinity Map (going to the basement parking)

map 1

Our preview time starts at 1pm until 8pm, tuesday. Arrived early with co-homeschoolers but surprised to see that there was already queue at the entrance.

Like entering an airport, expect your baggage (purse/bags) to be inspected. Since we were early, it was a breeze getting our boarding pass and security bracelets.

the early birds (incomplete cast)
the early birds (incomplete cast)
getting in
excited to get in

Notes to remember:

  1. (by Car) Pass by 11th avenue then turn right before KidZania (at 32nd street). Then turn left at 34th street. That is where the entrance of the basement parking is located.
  2. I would prefer you eat something before you arrive the venue to lessen the expenses. Although there are several food concessionaire inside the premises such as McDo, Yellow Cab, Mini Stop, Via Mare, Goldilocks, Healthy Options, Magnolia and Purefoods.
  3. Buy a passport (not required but I’d strongly suggest) for 250php. To get discounts at department stores, national bookstore and at the CEU University. A child that has passport can get bigger salaries. Also, this will make you a naturalized citizen of KidZania, which gives rewards etc. Also, +2 kidZos in every job your kid makes as a Naturalized CitiZen (entry level), +4 kidZos if you become a Distinguished CitiZen (30 stamps), and lastly +6 kidZos if you become an Honorable CitiZen (60 stamps).
  4. Upon entering the city, acquiring your passport, you can get money from the bank which was sponsored by BPI. This is to be able to start something (exactly like the real world).
  5. For us, education is a must. In reality, those who learn more, gets more. Hence, this taught him the value of education. Although schedule of courses like Business Administration, Human Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Engineering and Architecture, are lengthy, you must choose wisely. CEU was their sponsor. (you get to study until you get a PhD, ID’s included) (use your passport to get a discount on your tuition fee per course)
  6. The Fire Department, Cebu Pacific are some of the activities there that had long queuing. It took us 1 hour to fall in line. But my son said it was really educational, cool and fun. (You will love the hotel, hospital, police dept. (CSI) and BPI bank there.)
  7. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes since you guys will roam around for hours.
  8. Don’t bring lots of things. A camera, phone, money, alcohol, wipes are enough (just a suggestion). Less is better.
  9. Parking is quite expensive though. 40php/4hrs then succeeding hour is 50php. Although I was told, when it’s 6pm, the succeeding hour, it becomes 10php.
1st - middle of the city, 2nd - benches to sit on for the parents (while waiting), 3rd - salon for the cutipie girlies (chairs and tables for the waiting parents)
1 – middle of the city, 2 – benches to sit on for the parents (while waiting), 3 – salon for the cutipie girlies (chairs and tables for the waiting parents)
1 – The impressive staff of KidZania welcomed us with a dance number, 2 – The almost real Hospital complete with a working ambulance, emergency room etc., 3 – McDo snacking, 4 – BPI Bank giving them their initial money to spend wisely
Left ID - Driver's License (from Honda), Right ID - University ID Card - (c/o CEU)
Left ID – Driver’s License (from A1 Driving school), Right ID – University ID Card – (c/o CEU)

My son joined 8 activities/establishments namely,

  1. Driving School (c/o A1)
  2. Gasoline Station (c/o Shell)
  3. University (c/o CEU)
  4. Construction Site
  5. Aviation Academy (c/o Cebu Pacific)
  6. Urban Garden
  7. Farm House Store
  8. Fire Station
  9. Acting Academy (c/o Star Magic)

kidzanian at work

All in all, this was a spectacular experience that any kid (and parent) would benefit from. It was indeed an enjoyable way of learning. An advantage for them because they are aware now on what can happen when they become adults.

We vow to come back and try to finish what we started. My son and I had a game plan. To finish it all and become an Honorable Citizen plus finish schooling with a high degree in all courses (hopefully! hahaha!)

Lastly, KidZania is pronounced as Kid-Zaaaah-nyah and not Kid-Zaay-nya. (just so you’d know guys, i didn’t know that before this event happened. hehe!)

I praise God for giving us this opportunity. I thank God first and foremost for this wonderful fun-learning experience for all kids here in the Philippines.

Special shout out to our Homeschool of the PH leader, Ms. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao, who made this all possible. Especially her awesome sister Governor Maricel Pangilinan Arenas of KidZania Manila. Plus all the officers, staff and crew of KidZania Manila, you are all phenomenal!

Zank you!!!! from the bottom of our hearts!   Ü  Ü  Ü


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